S W E R V E by Anna Nazo 
SWERVE is a living archive of the sensuous, artificial gaze at diffracted sensibilities, virtual real spacetime manifold of preserved digital-physical dreams. The research developed in SWERVE during the DAR residency will result in a live AV performance. 
Anna Nazo is a London-based performance artist, researcher and educator whose practice engages computing technologies, philosophy and science. Her current focus is on artificial intelligence (AI Poetry), drones, neurotechnology, real time CGI and 360 degree video. Within live digital-physical audio-visual performance her work investigates questions of intelligence diversity, distributed forms of sensuousness, digital queer ecologies, and ethics of the technological. It looks at ways of understanding intelligence and liveness in relation to nonconscious cognition, quantum reality and sympoietic complexities. 
Her performances operate on spoken word poetry that she co-writes with artificial intelligence (AI), sound and imagery that are computer generated live (CGI) from her brainwaves data (EEG), and drone performance. 
Flame 2.0.  
Performance for Entanglement: Just Gaming, RCA Visual Cultures Lecture Series, Royal College of Art, Online/ London, UK. 25th June 2020. 0.07’. 
Flame 2.0 is a Zoom streamed 360 digital-physical AV performance presented by Anna Nazo’s avatar ‘α Phoenicis (Ankaa)’.  
Using a 360 degree imaging archive, the work engages in a live conversation with its earlier iterations including Flame, a performance for Stay LIVE At Home programme, organised by Performistanbul, Live-streamed on Zoom and Instagram @annanazo, Istanbul, Turkey / London, UK, 3rd May 2020, 0.20’; and Undulation, a performance for So remember the liquid ground, a public program in a partnership between the RCA CCA and Gasworks, curated by Benjamin Darby, Yoojin Kang, Akis Kokkinos, Angelina Li, Lenette Lua and Louise Nason, Online/ London, UK, 15th June 2020, 0.20’. Commissioned by Gasworks & RCA CCA. 
[AI poetry excerpt] 
synthetic jellyfish, 
virtual abyss 
subatomic slade 
viridian doomed gaze 
artificial grief 
zero one spell 
haunting virtual fear 
opaque pulsating bleeding edge 
deep nest 
stellar lymph 
transpiring qubit 
grasping disentangled state 
multiverse dive 
virtual slum 
sinking powder 
dispersed ultrasonic winds 
probabilities shell 
Performance for ArtFutura Festival, Iklectik Art Lab, London, UK. 1st December 2019, 0:15’. 
[AI poetry excerpt] transplanted algorithm 
whirling corruption 
fluidity sip 
civil twilight 
ionized nitrogen 
eerie touch 
blind helium fusion heatwave 
plasmoid ecology 
granular blood 
pale-green fractal silt 
glistering silver 
pulsating rift 
dismal spectral dreams 
data blizzard 
radioactive purple lymph 
chemical rhizomatic shift 
radical otherness 
quantum swerve 
phasing siloxane penetrating rhythm 
bleeding crystallised nodes 
alkaline digital greed 
deafening whisper of burned flesh 
palpating goosebumps  
Granular Silt.  
Performance for CARPA6: The 6th Colloquium on Artistic Research in Performing Arts 2019, hosted by the Performing Arts Research Centre Tutke at the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki. Kiasma Theatre, The Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland. 29th August 2019, 0.45’. 
[AI poetry excerpt] 
tentacular temporalities 
slum drizzle 
dimension of dread 
penicillin logic carved on digital heart cells 
azure spell blizzard 
electrifying shock ingrowing through brain 
numbing needling distress 
breathe inflamed tears 
neural carnal poetics 
non cohesive plasticity 
failed virtual death 
embodied normality  
time squid 
dissoluted chaos 
binary wounds 
ruffled subvisual noise 
deep purple digital dust 
synthetic excess 
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