Initiation into conscious metamorphosis: Medicinal words meditation  Agnes Momirski 

Welcome to Medicinal Words Meditation: Initiation into Conscious Metamorphosis. 
This transformational session prepares you for conscious metamorphosis, in flesh or digitally.  
Find a calm place, and close your eyes. 
When hearing medicinal words, just let them sync into your physical or digital body - as coded melodies  
affecting the melodic pattern of energy and matter which is your chosen embodiment.  
We are fluid, changeable, liminal beings, always in the becoming.  
The words call out concepts related to metamorphosis, to let us welcome all change  
and transformation and enjoy the fluid movement of transitioning and letting go.  
Nothing remains. All transforms. 
Initiation into conscious metamorphosis: Medicinal words meditation video is made by using 3D AR filters  
in Instagram camera, exploring spectral representations of the fluid (digital) self, expanding our imaginary  
on human embodiment and its augmentation in 3D and cyber space. With meditative sonic and visual  
means the video explores notions of self-transcendence, transformation and metamorphosis,  
in the territory between virtual and physical realms. 
The video was made with the AR filter by @Youaremyanchorpoint it. 
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