"I’ve often wondered how you navigate everything, my memories of you, of M******* are so fragmented and yet every other memory I have is not. I have often considered what else you have beside the case." (The Fox, 2006) 
CAT No: T1333.010. Description: Video from SD card marked "Dead Hollywood". 
CAT No: T1333.011. Description: DV Tape labelled "Lost Kodachrome". 
CAT No: T1333.015. Description: SD card hidden in book with broken security seal, file labelled "Jazz Girl Recall" 
"You make this choice because in the end you've evaluated everything and this is the only choice you're left with." (B*******, 2006) 
CAT No: T1333.012. Description: 16mm, silent, from canister labelled "Lost Deren". 
CAT No: T1333.013. Description: USB key file from canister.  
The building, bottom right, third window from the left, top floor: this is the location, I think. 
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