Anna Walker 
Proposition 1 of 4; the rest to follow..
BELOW: An Audio Visual Essay, The Colour of Pomegranates. Part 2, the digital space. A discussion.  
NB: "I don’t think it’s an ontology we need, but a desmology – in Greek desmos means connection, or link. The word is used in medicine, but that doesn't concern us here. What interests me is not so much the state of things but the relations between them… " (Serres, 2002, p.204). The quote was taken from an interview with Dr. Mary Zournazi, Hope New Philosophies for Change (2002). In it Serres quotes Sartre, 'essence precedes existence' when in fact the actual quote should read 'existence precedes essence'. Such a mistake speaks to the digital glitches and miscommunications that can be overlooked and then perpetuated as truth. 
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