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In counterpoint to the earthly garden Eden (and even that walled garden, Paradise) then, floats the image of the Heavenly City, the new Jerusalem of the book of Revelation. Like a bewjeweled, weightless palace it comes down out of heaven itself "its radiance like a most rare jewel, like jasper, transparent" (Revelation 21:9). Never seen, we know its geometry to be wonderfully complex and clear, its twelves and fours and sevens each assigned a set of complementary cosmic meanings. A city with streets of crystalline gold, gates of solid pearl, and no need for sunlight or moonlight to shine upon it for "the glory of God is its light." 
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how incompetent can AWCI get? god damn... 
Feb 8, 2001, 12:59pm 
> and horns! Plant a bug on Rick's office computer that types "I AM SATAN!" 
> every time he pushes the 6 key. 
> -- 
> Wing 
> This little spot is dedicated to my girl, Jessie. 
> She paints her nails, and she dont know, he's got her best friend on the 
> phone, 
> She'll wash her hair, his dirty clothes, for all he gives to her. And he's 
> got posters on the wall 
> Of all the girls he wish she was, and he means everything to her. Her 
> boyfriend, he dont know, 
> Anything, about her... She's just the flavor of the week. 
> AW Citizen 305004 "Wing" 
> bathgate at 
> eyemwing at 
> ICQ #101207433 
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