Digi Mind guided meditation 
video by Paola Pinna 
You are now going to start your journey into Digi Mind. 
Ask the oracle below a question on your mind 
and observe what the universe tells you. 
**The true answer is embedded only in the first image you get.** 
How was your experience with Digi Mind Oracle? 
Did the image answer your question? 
Screen capture your answer, write down your thoughts  
and post on Instagram with the hashtag #digimind 
to be featured in our finissage 
Paola Pinna 
Sophie Rogers 
Sophie Rogers uses digital software including Cinema 4D to create simulations of imagined places and scenes often inspired by world-building practices found in sci-fi.  
Rogers is based in London and has exhibited at the Stanley Picker Gallery, Barbican Centre, Tate Modern as part of Offprint London with Self Publish Be Happy and again with Future Late; the opening of the Switch House. She was selected to participate in Masterclass 2017 hosted by the Zabludowicz Collection and later presented her first solo exhibition as part of Academy Costumes Residency in partnership with Platform, Southwark. Sophie is currently undertaking a digital residency with Mansions of the Future, Lincoln. 
Camila Roriz 
Yifan Pu 
Yifan Pu is a Chinese virtual fashion designer and artist currently based in Berlin.  
With previous study in Product Design and a constant passion for fashion, she led herself on a self-taught adventure in virtual/ digital fashion.  
She finds it a perfect tool to express pure creation and an alternative self-identity freed from physical limitations, mass production and consumption. 
Ashleigh Sanderson 
Aylin Delemen 
Aylin Delemen is a visual artist and creative director currently based in London.  
Throughout her practice with virtual and augmented reality she has been focusing mainly on wellbeing. A virtual reality meditation space or a world that helps with social anxiety - these projects were designed to give the viewer a space to experience calm to be then more open to connect with others in everyday life.  
Some of her artwork displayed in this exhibition are collages made with elements from these worlds combined with photography from the physical world and snaps from Google Earth. 
Kerrie IRL 
Paola Pinna  
Paola Pinna is a digital and 3D artist. Working with digital and 3D tools she is interested in exploring the meaning of being human in the age of technological advancements, focusing on different aspects of the relationship between humans and machines today.  
She is also very interested in the relation between technology and spirituality, and how the new advancements are shaping our beliefs. While being concerned about contemporary and futuristic issues, her approach is always strongly based on visual and aesthetic experimentation. 
Sophie Rogers 
Camila Roriz 
Camila Roriz is a Brazilian transdisciplinary artist working in both physical and digital realms.  
One of her main interests is exploring how technology can be a visual translator of physical experiments.  
Inspired by scholars and Sci-fi writers such as Donna Haraway and Octavia Butler her practice oscillates from painting to 3D and VR softwares where she creates different characters and new worlds. 
YIfan Pu 
Ashleigh Sanderson 
Ashleigh Sanderson is a photographer who also frequently uses video too to capture movement and scenes which a camera can’t always catch.  
Within her photography practise she focuses a lot on telling a story through, whether it’s about female bodies, personalities, tackling mental health or an exploration into fashion and the world around us, creating scenes which are open to interpretation and have the potential to relate to people.  
Her work is not only outfits and photographs, they’re expressions of her emotions and she always works with a goal at the end of my images to better herself and others and open minds.  
Aylin Delemen 
Kerrie IRL 
Kerrie IRL is a UK based digital artist and designer, working across 2D and 3D software. 
Her work is linked in its intention to create an atmospheric digital experience - often drawing references from nature, technology and music 
tech support Florian Brückner  
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