Step 1 
I collected the data of my path in my room for 14 days during the COVID-19 outbreak in NYC.  
I tracked myself everyday from 10:00am - 10:00pm.  
The box simulates the space of my room. 
During the endless quarantine life, the meaning and concept of "space" have changed for me. My room is a promise of safety, a feeling of secure, but also a cage. I dreamed about walking out of this space every night, but I always woke up with scare. I made my effort to enjoy the limited freedom inside my room, at the same time I was desperate to get out from it. This confined space is no longer only a room for me in this time, it is a cage for security, a box for protection and the summary of my existence. 
Top layer of the box 
Second layer of the box 
Step 2 
As the paths look repetitive and I follow the same routine every day, I would like to train an AI model with the data of my paths during quarantine. For each day the AI model generates a new path, which is assigned to a virtual Zoe to follow.  
The virtually me will always be there, following the generated path every day. Even though the pandemic would become a history one day, the virtual me is forever trapped in the “space” within the real-time running program, as a memory and a documentation of 2020’s experience. 
AI generating new paths... 
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