Simon Woolham 
Artist-in-Residence at Digital Artist Residency 
SPACE//PLACE Residency 
== Mon 13th June – Sun 24th July 2016== 
At the core Simon Woolham’s practice is the collaborative exploration and encouragement of hidden human details, collective, shared histories, stories associated with belonging and the relationships to specific places and spaces, providing a voice to often unheard narrative. Woolham explores the realms between fact and fiction in narrative through both a studio based, and collaborative practice, an expanded notion of drawing through writing, Biro drawings, walking, online platforms, performance and film. 
Whilst in residence, Woolham will work on a project called ‘Digital Route’. The ‘Digital Route’ is a virtual and psychological collaborative residency with DAR co-walkers around sites and spaces, manifested through a virtual process that explores and senses human details around sites. 
The virtual re-enacted film 'Tom' can be viewed at: 
'I remember getting shouted at by people for being on the roof, thats as rebellious as I got really, I thought if my mates did it then why not. Talking of jumping, they used to jump off the cliffs but I wasn't particularly adventurous so I didn't really do that. The jumps had interesting names; they had like bronze, silver and gold level, different heights and went all the way to ultimate and ultimate three!'  
Tom, 2016 
'There's a huge landslide thats gone into the ocean, can you see that? Just along from there there's an indent in the rocks and thats the Devil's Armchair.' 
Tom 2016 
'That's the Venue nighclub behind there next to the kebab place, I used to prefer another place just up the corner and to the left you can see just how much the recession has hit Torquay just by looking at the street to the left there. Devon Kebab, Tip Tops, all closed, and just there on the corner is where we got our kebab from, oh yeah Wild Jacks.'  
Tom, 2016 
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