Nick Barrett 
Artist-in-Residence at Digital Artist Residency 
== 1st Feb–28st Feb 2017 == 
Nick Barrett is an artist currently undertaking the alternative post-graduate art course School of the Damned. Working across a variety of mediums including print, painting, digital manipulation and sculpture, his current practice is concerned with themes that expose and question social and political systems. 
Barrett will be exploring a visual examination into the politics of lived space, examining the blurred boundary between cultural appropriation (recuperation) and the technique of dĂ©tournement, the hijacking or hacking of the established order. Working primarily with photography as a form of documentation, collected pictures and recognisable motifs will be manipulated to form gifs, short animations and hybrid images, weaving a visual narrative between psychogeography, politics and the existential struggle of navigating contemporary society. 
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