Nathan Caldecott (b. 1995, Manchester) is a sculptor and digital artist based in London. His work focuses on the structure, value, and statehood of digital and physical spaces, with a particular interest in network theories and digital models. During the residency Nathan will be exploring methods of continuous improvement in his digital workflow, creating over-engineered spaces and construction systems for a future sculptural series, these construction systems themselves anticipating some future production, or display. He will adjoin this with a new series of sculptural work sited on the anarchy Minecraft server, using both avenues to muse on themes of public and private value creation. 
Token (Totem) 
Altered 99 frame GIF, Minecraft server co-ordinates. 
Token (Gate) 
Altered 99 frame GIF, Minecraft server co-ordinates. 
Render Spring [a private equity] 
Iroko timber sanded with diamond dust, UV resistant oil, inset boreholes with glue and uncut yellow-grey diamonds, gloss spray paint, matte spray paint, japanned screws, diamond dust. 
337 x 69 x 60cm 
Render Plexus [a pressurised fabric] 
Timber sanded with aluminium dust, high-pressure spray paint, oil, anodised aluminium inset with diamond dust, pneumatic fixings. 
216 x 37 x 37cm 
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