Rewilding a Digital Forest 
The project is a product of a continuing exploration of the digital modes of representation of nature - and its potential to communicate environmental change. 
Inspired by on-going research into the Bialowieza Forest in Poland, this project seeks to explore real issues and at the same time provoke the viewer (often through exaggeration and absurdity) into re-evaluating how nature is documented in the digital. 
In a series of images and sequences I will be exploring the conditions of digital representations of nature, confronting different conventions, writings and case-studies. In the second part I will produce an interactive framework provoking the idea of a Forest as a sensor of wider socio-political issues, with the Bialowieza Forest as a key reference. 
How can we represent the Forest as a sensor and evidence of wider socio-political phenomena? 
Does the digital representation have the potential to subvert the anthropocentric view of the natural world? 
Does the digital representation have the potential to re-wild our vision, unlock biases of plant-blindness and reconnect the visual apparatus to the construct that shaped it? 
twitter: @mjmarc 
instagram: @tyna_marc 
I am a 3D designer and researcher interested in critical approaches to digital representation, especially the techno-visual biases perpetuated by the digital media.  
I work as a spatial investigator and have formely spent a couple of years working with Forensic Architecture. I am passionate about finding new ways for interrogation and representation of environmental data.  
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