Léa Porré 
Royal Fate is Fluid 
Royal Fate is Fluid is an initiatory journey of King Louis XVIth's head, after its decapitation in 1793. 
During her April residency, artist Léa Porré re-visited her latest video piece, turned into an interactive video game on Digital Artist Residency's instagram platform. 
Follow Louis XVI's head across his quest to regeneration and participate into the turn of events. 
Reach next level-up every couple of days! 
Léa Porré is a French and Belgian artist, currently studying at the Royal College of Art, London. 
She constructs alternative realities stemming from an investigation of French History; exploring ritual, representation of power and construction of history. 
Recently, her speculative fictions envision the return of French Monarchy. There, the King could either be a current pretender to the throne or a deceased figure, an aspiring political leader or a wellness guru. 
All reflect on our relation to what is commonly accepted as reality. 
- For more information on the artist: leaporre.com - @leaporre
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