As you find yourself on this page right now, you are scrolling through an archive of images that exist as links to other web-pages and resources. 
As a page, it remains unfinished and open beyond the span of the residency period. 
The links outwards from this page explore systems of care and communication. Research towards articulating a digital commons. 
This page has acted as a space to visualise various research links.  
It will only really survive as long as the linked pages do. 
I think this month began with an idea that something truly tangible may formulate, but in doing so it became clearer that to be careful with this research demands more time and consideration. 
A research period. 
How are you doing? 
Been thinking a lot recently about how to re- understand body functions that maintain homeostasis -> how these processes relate to power structures and the way care is understood and enacted. 
Accountability of actions -> 
~ endocrine disrupting chemicals / 'slow violence' 
~ the meaning of immunity in terms of community 
Alternative digital healthcare structures - 
thinking about the physical structures of digital networks (peer to peer networks) 
A form of a digital environment, that acts as an interactive library, as a method of putting back together again/healing. Using the imagined spaces and a language of gameplay to connect pre-existing resources together. This is a cartographic process of sorts, but in an imagined landscape through game assets, 3D environments, hyperlinks, text and CGI animations. 
...think about care packages - ?- what could a digital care package look like (besides bank transfer lol) 
how are these carefully constructed? 
How do the methods used the reach information alter its perception when reached? 
care —> education? careful knowledge production? 
How does education relate to care/how does open sourcing relate to care (accessibility?) ----> think about care packages in relation to education/ways of thinking/deconstructing - ‘tools to destabilise/subvert’.  
What ways could we engage with this online - what can digital spaces/games do? I mean, also, what can aesthetics do? 
WORKING HYPERLINK LIST -----------------> 
Memory of the World Libary  / countless PDFs / research projects for common care infrastructures 
F.E.D (Feminist Economics Department) / ‘I am not a healer, I am just angry’ / Cassie Thornton / The Hologram 
PMS (Power Makes us Sick) / Resources and zines / The Accountability Model 
Issue 15 of The Commoner/ Care Work and the Commons /  Containing works by Silvia Federici (Wages Against Housework etc..) 
Nothing comes without its world / María Puig de la Bellacasa 
Co-curricular Infrastructure / Daphne Dragona 
Against Purity / Alexis Shotwell  
Soft Care / Taeyoon Choi 
Critical Atlas of the Internet / a project by Louise Drulhe 
Poetic Computation: Reader / SFPC / Taeyoon Choi 
A handmade web / J.R Carpenter 
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