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... the user is happy to engage in and understand the agenda behind the design of the space >>> The boundaries and ideas behind this concept of space will expand throughout the residency + form a MANIFESTO <scroll down to see
ForestsOTweb aim to subvert profit based agenda and contemplate using design structures that benefit the user and reflect the natural world. They are there to be StUmbled aCross and take the User out of their usual internet activity. They exist within their own right. 
I invite you the reader reading this, the human being in this space, to put forward your thoughts about ways to craft and structure digital spaces of the future so that we might work towards spaces online that nourish us, that adhere to morality we wish to live by and influence our futures by contemplating our DIGITAL NOW... 
submit a URL to the Forest of the Web Directory >>> Read the manifesto and if you have an online space that meets the principles submit your site in the form at the bottom of the page >>> 

   The Regenerative world inside the Matsutake! first coding experiment based on the Matsutake Mushroom Keys to move about the space >> W = Up , S = Down , A = Left, D = Right 

This is the evolving FOREST OF THE WEB MANIFESTO >>>  
A forest of the web is a space to be explored and stumbled accross. 
A forest of the web is a digital space holding aspects of organic / nature's structures.  
A forest of the web is a space to consider the type of digital interactions of the future we want - what do we want the world to look like  
The principles below make up the characteristics needed for an online space to be a Forest of the Web: 

Principle 1 

Consider the metadata - the hidden descriptions accross your site that interact with search engines. Use this to position your site so that it might be STUMBLED ACCROSS as if you were out for a walk. 
The space cannot, as it stands, exist on social media – although a digital domain, it is governed by algorithms that structure the space to hold attention no matter the content or impact – this directly contradicts principle 2. 

Principle 2 

Higher value is placed on the use of the space over the physical form although, of course physicality has a role to play in its use. Forests of the Web are spaces to be explored and therefore, have abstract constraints on the exact form of the content and do not require 3D representation. 
The focus should be to provide a new experience that interrupts Users’ day-to-day internet activity and encourages exploration. 

Principle 3 

As Anna Tsing beautifully explains in her book The Mushroom at the End of the World (2015), turning an entity into an asset alienates it from the rest of the ecosystem, allowing it to be mined for profit. 
In the digital sphere, among other things, this translates to justifying invasion of privacy and data collection from the User. 

Principle 4 

This is a key attribute to incorporate the importance of relinquishing control and emulating nature by following this structural principle. This additionally emulates a principle of the physical world that although we may be able to craft it, we do not have ultimate control over things that grow. 

Principle 5 

This is in keeping with the Unintentional Design method, discussed by Tsing, that employs agents, the User, to inform and influence the space without design of outcome. This is key to encourage exploration. 
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James Hancock @jhancock532 

...your fingerprint lives on in this digital space; each flower and transparent ghost represents a past visitor, while the solid character models represent a live connection. Add your own splash of colour to the garden... 
James draws attention to being distracted by content and our subsequent lack of awareness of what information we are sharing with website hosts. This might be just an IP address, to be cast aside in a dusty server log. Maybe this is everywhere. 
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Jess Pemberton @jess_pemberton 

...this is an exploratory collage web artwork that uses generative and interactive code to active it. Users' become co-creators with the collage code and can paint with pictures. 
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Have you created a site / online space that adheres to the principles above? There will be a directory of Forest of the Webs on this page --- submit yours by filling out the form on the RIGHT BELOW along with how your site meets the principles above, in the manifesto. 


Jess Pemberton 
DAR Residency December 2021 
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