Jack Marder 
Artist-in-Residence at Digital Artist Residency 
SPACE//PLACE Residency 
== Mon 13th June – Sun 24th July 2016== 
Jack Marder’s practice is formed around the ideas of excess, gluttony, waste and the spectacle of obsession. Marder addresses many contemporary issues and cultural habits such as indulgent Internet use, voracious consumption and capitalist driven excess. The consumption of food and an addiction towards the escapism of the electronic screen creates a sense of amplified excessiveness. 
Whilst in residence, Marder will focus on the relation between online spaces, the physical body of an Internet user and the private spaces in which the Internet activity occurs. Through exploring the performative space of the screen he hopes to question whether society is withdrawing from reality by cocooning themselves in the virtual through extended screen time and if one needs to start having a more healthy, balanced media diet. 
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