After 545 days of growing, the forest enters a new era, one shaped by this residency. Within its infinite bifurcation, anything that can exist, will eventually exist. An endless accretion, the forest embraces its own fragile uncertainty. Reductionism becomes futile and moribund - challenging simplified models and aetiologies of mental distress, and their reflection in singular design solutions. Creatures are trained with reinforcement-learning to behave beyond deterministic code, generating the world around them as they explore autonomously. The forest is injected with proxies and life, ‘animated’ until it becomes a plural tool, surpassing the control of its author. How might we approach mental distress differently, in this space of new and shifting logics? 
Every day the forest grows, it slips further from my grasp and edges closer to autonomy. Perhaps the forest is speaking back to me - I become both forester and documentarian. What follows is not an explication of the forest into a single reading, but simply an attempt to document the ways of the forest so far. 
I am a spatial designer documenting experiments in self-generating digital worlds - worlds that embrace uncertainty, fragility and non-human knowledge. Through the incomprehensible and bizarre landscape of emerging technology, I chase oddities that challenge perceptions of unknowable and intangible social issues. I enjoy misusing seemingly banal technical artefacts of digital processes, for both poetic and critical means. 
I studied architecture at the Royal College of Art and currently work as a GTA for MA Biodesign at Central Saint Martins 
IG: @domolivertex 
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