Close isn't Home March Winds: Call for Submissions 

Close isn’t Home’s March Winds focuses on ideas of transformation, seasonal shifts, our connection with objects as it relates to changing times, and the positivity that can accompany change. We’re using our skills as 3D designers to materialize your specific objects/proposals related to the theme of transformation within this virtual environment. 
If you are a BIPOC creative (fine artist, digital artist, designer, writer, photographer, etc.) interested in participating in a digital art residency please fill out our Google Form. You will be asked to provide writing context, images, and/or audio to help further contextualize or customize your object(s) in this environment. 
This project is not funded so we will not be able to compensate for your submission; however, we will credit you for your participation in the residency. You will also be able to download the 3D object for your use! If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at 
We will be continuously updating this page and the DAR instagram with our progress so check in throughout the months of March and April! 

About Close isn't Home: 

Close isn’t Home (@closeisnthome) is an online 3D resource platform by and for BIPOC creatives interested in creating more accessibility to ‘niche’, culturally-specific representation in open-source 3D libraries. Their account has consisted of digital art skillshares and collaborations, video workshops and live-streams, an open-source 3D object library, and resource lists all catered towards creating accessibility of digital art for BIPOC experiences. 
Close isn't Home is led by Samantha Vassor and Grace Kwon. We are two interdiscplinary designers focused on 3D design/animation. The name Close isn’t Home came from the idioms Byen Pre Pa Lakay (being close to home is not the same as being home) and 그림의 떡(a picture of rice cake)- used to describe something you desire but cannot have. Both untranslatable idioms in the our second languages (Haitian Creole and Korean) refer to the close yet far relationship to home. 
We wanted to stress close yet distanced relations with 3D objects and ideologies of human identity. Close isn't Home was created to celebrate the specificity of cultural differences and the representation of non-western design aesthetics in media.  
Check out our website below! Or visit 

Close isn't Home 3D Library 

The Open-Source Library is a free resource for 3D objects that are culturally and regionally specific. We want to share 3D objects and files as digital artists, especially with BIPOC, because we realize the limited accessibility of 3D models and 3D animations. The library also consists of generous donations from numerous creatives. The context and creator of each object are in each respective folder. You can find the models here. 

A recent Close isn't Home 3D modeling Tutorial/Livestream: 

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