My name is Andy Abbott. As part of my Digital Artist Residency for Oxford Museum’s ‘Urban Oxford’ exhibition I will be working with Urban Explorer Ivor Wanderlust to explore the city. Ivor lives in an isolated part of the Northern England and generally refuses to engage with society unless he sees a good reason. 
He’s asked me for some materials so that he can get a sense of Oxford before visiting. I’ve begun by taking some photographs using a 360 camera which will help give him the most immersive experience of the place without having to visit. 
Ivor’s unique talent is as a ‘wall whisperer’. He has a rare ability, passed through generations of his family, to hear what walls and buildings want to say. He tells me that all architecture has a story to tell and these tales can be revealed if you know how to tune in at the correct frequency. 
Sometimes they talk of the things they see or have seen: important moments in history, everyday events, or regular passers-by they wish to reach out to. Sometimes they have witnessed things no one would believe. Occasionally they communicate what they wish the world around them could be like. Sometimes they just make jokes. Wall’s are funny, Ivor tells me. 
As well as the photographs Ivor has asked me to talk to the people of Oxford in case they’ve heard what the walls talk about. The first stage in ‘tuning in’ is to have a guess at what they might say. In most cases even novice wall whisperers are close. 
So, people of Oxford, lend Ivor your ears. Have you got a favourite building, wall or piece of architecture? What do you think it would say if it could talk and broadcast a message to the world? In weeks to come Ivor will use your suggestions to begin his explorations of Oxford. 
Either leave a comment below or send your thoughts by email using the form below. 
Thanks to the people of Oxford - in particular the Searchers and Creative Writers groups at Museum of Oxford - I have begun to piece together a map and suggested routes to help Ivor Wanderlust navigate the city on his first Wall Whispering reconnaissance. Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed. 
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