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How it works 
The space is an anti-capital exchange market, operating similar to a silent auction - 'artwork' is listed and bids can be made using the form at the bottom of the page. At the end of the month, the artist will pick a winning bid and an exchange will be made. Bids can be anything exchangable (an object, a piece of advice, a recipe, a walk together, a meal at your house, a conversation...) except money
** denotes winning bid, as chosen by the artist. 
LOT No. 001 
Guido Segni, Guido Segni - Works 2012 | 2016 -  
I think it was internet art but I was just typing (2016) 
A 64 pages book about my art production from 2012 to 2016 
Lucca, Italy 
With a background in Hacktivism, Net Art and Video Art, Guido Segni, aka Clemente Pestelli, (b. 1976, Italy) lives and works somewhere at the intersections between art, pop internet culture and data hallucination. 
Mainly focused on the daily (ab)use of Internet, his work is characterized by minimal gestures on technology which combines conceptual aproaches with a traditional hacker attitude in making things odd, useless and dysfunctional. 
In quite recent years he moved from an identity to another producing works, actions and interventions under pseudonyms, collectives and multiple names (Dedalus, Clemente Pestelli, Guy McMusker, Angela Merelli, Anna Adamolo, Guy The Bore, Umberto Stanca, Silvie Inb, Fosco Loiti Celant, Guru Miri Goro, Leslie Bleus, Luther Blissett). 
Co-founder of Les Liens Invisibles , he exhibited in galleries, museums (MAXXI Rome, New School of New York, KUMU Art Museum of Talinn) and art & media-art international festivals (International Venice Biennale, Piemonte SHARE Festival, Transmediale). 
Recently he has been shortlisted for the art division of the 20th Japan Media Arts Festival (2017), has been finalist at Prize Arte Laguna (2016) and got an honorary mention at Transmediale (2011) width Les Liens Invisibles. 
Currently he teaches at the Accademia di Belle Arti of Carrara, directs the imaginary REFRAMED lab and he is directing the online 
current bids 
**∇ an email conversation (Oxford, UK) 
LOT No. 006 
Tom Milnes, Goonhilly texture (2017) 
inkjet print on graph paper 
Uses jpg images of a 3D model texture. The pattern and composition is dictated by algorithmic decisions relating to its mapping on a 3D object 
Oxford, UK 
Tom Milnes is an artist and curator. He has exhibited internationally including at: Gyeonggi International CeraMIX Biennale – Korea, AND/OR – London, The Centre for Contemporary Art Laznia – Gdansk, and W139 – Amsterdam. Milnes was recently the Sandarbh International Artist-in-Residence and Kingsgate Emerging Artist-in-Residence. He is the curator and founder of the online platform Digital Artist Residency. 
Milnes’ practice explores concepts of reciprocity between site and technology. His research is focusing specifically on the use of 3D technologies. Milnes uses components from broken media, hacks obsolete machines and reappropriates viewing methods from historical technologies to create his works. His works explore the materialities of error inherent within digital technologies. 
current bids 
A 3 minute phone call to you whilst I'm at an Australian Rules Football game (Melbourne, Australia) 
**∇ One item from a series of work titled ‘Lord Deliver Me’ - ceramic vessel (Oxford, UK) 
LOT No. 008 
Jessica Goehring, Retouched Selfie (2018) 
Digital JPG 
DM your selfie and I will retouch it using various make-up/beauty apps 
current bids 
∇ Dinner of your choice at your favorite restaurant (Pennsylvania, USA) 
∇ A dozen eggs (from my chickens) (Hudson, NY) 
∇ A venison steak (local) (Hudson, NY) 
**∇ An AR app (for your phone only) that recognizes (only) your face and puts a stormy cloud on your head. (Hudson, NY) 
∇ A box of maple syrup candy (Pennsylvania) 
∇ cold junior mints + calmbuch m + a tsl movie with the bidder (NY) 
∇ A nice get together (Chatcham, NY) 
LOT No. 010 
Jeremy Kiracofe, Newsletter: Volume II (2017) 
5.5" x 8.5". 176 pages 
The second and last volume of a years of submissions to the online Newsletter publication. 
Newsletter is a collaborative archive of idea fragments that span process and practice – notes, unedited statements, project proposals, research materials, etc. Newsletter is a text-based forum, whose growth and development is to be dictated by its contributors and audience. 
Pages printed on Risograph, hand assembled and bound at Los Angeles Contemporary Archive by Jeremy Kiracofe. Each cover is hand stamped with white archival ink. 
Los Angeles, USA 
current bids 
documentation of performance piece "Bitch" in the form of a bound book of photographs from the performance (KS, USA) 
A small selection of shells (from the beach in Scotland), and a small selection of seeds for growing (flowers or vegetables) (Aberdeen, Scotland) 
A section of blood red ribbon from my piece 'Marked' with the following words embroidered on it in red stitching: 
Fjöldamorð – Massacre 
Bjóðarmorð – Genocide 
Þjoðernishreinsunum – Ethnic cleansing 
* Iceland is a country with some of the least conflict in modern history – violent words spoken in a non violent language. (Oxford, UK) 
LOT No. 012 
Tetsushi Higashino, FTHTTH x100 (2015, 18) 
1.28 MB 
In the early hours of 14th of December 2005, a round-trip blank e-mail from me to me was exchanged 100 times. Reply-quotation marks (>) increased at each barren reply and made geometrical shape. The title "FTHTTH" means "From Tetsushi Higashino To Tetsushi Higashino". I will forward the email message to the winner. 
Tokyo, Japan 
Tetsushi Higashino refers to himself as an Unproductive Production Activist, apparently his definition of an artist. His work makes visible the logic of this notion and the metaphorical visions often derive from things that subliminally intervene in our daily lives. They transform the ordinary world we overlook into one of extraordinary nonsense. 
current bids 
∇ An ongoing email exchange that shall occur (as an endurance performance) for the rest of our mortal lives, until one of us becomes too ill or perishes and/or the technology by which we send emails is superceeded by even speedier and direct forms of communication, at which point we can review the body of work and situation. (Edinburgh, Scotland) 
LOT No. 002 
35mm photography 
35mm disposable camera photography focusing on coloration within our daily life.* 
* Image comes with complimentary photograph 
Oxford, UK 
Driven by process and a need to create BENSAD and his other used aliases finds ways to communicate on various scales focusing on intimidate process and responses to the world around him. 
current bids 
**∇ One flattering email poem. A piece of prose (maximum 5 lines long) which will satisfy the owner fully. (Oxford, UK) 
LOT Nos. 003, 004 and 005 
Jennifer Weigel, Commodities (2014) 
collage, watercolor on paper 
6" x 4" each 
Examining the objectification of women and their subjegation into wifedom, based on a conversation with my then-recent-ex husband asserting his ownership of my sexuality after our separation but before our divorce; three pieces from this series ("Juicy", "Milk and Caramel", and "Now We're Cookin") are available to be included in this online art auction, to be auctioned separately. Any artworks won will be mailed as postcards to the winning recipient. 
Newton, KS, USA 
Jennifer Weigel is a multidisciplinary mixed media conceptual artist living in Newton, KS, USA. Her works have been shown internationally and in 47 / 50 states nationally and won numerous awards. She works in a wide range of media including drawing, collage/assemblage, painting, photography, performance art, installation art, video, jewelry, fibers, mixed media, writing and more. 
current bids 003 
**∇ A postcard and perhaps the start of a friendship (Aberdeen, Scotland) 
current bids 005 
**∇ 1 pro-happily object of your choice, Delux level. Shipped (Boston, MA) 
∇ Your portrait featured in a filmic endeavor at (Boston, MA) 
LOT No. 007 
Wu Jiaru, Headshot Modeling (2018) 
Headshot Modelling service: This is the chance to get a moving, artsy and stylish headshot. Bit and optimize your beauty level now. 
Hong Kong 
Wu Jiaru is an artist based in Hong Kong. Wu's practice encompasses various media, including installation, drawing, film, sound, printed edition and writing. She distributes her efforts in negotiations between the virtual and the subjectivity, and between human activities and living environment through the lens of social phenomena and historical narratives. 
current bids 
**∇ Retouched selfie for a retouched selfie. I’m always looking to optimize my beauty level! (Internet) 
LOT No. 009 
Daniel Miramontes, Bubbles on the Horizon (2017) 
Digital photography 
San Francisco, USA 
current bids 
A digital painting (.JPEG) (Manchester, UK) 
LOT No. 011 
Keir Clyne, Literally the Artist.1 // A series of ones and zeros that when correctly translated form the image of an artist who is actually there in the picture as an extension, and simultaneously a clone, of the artist in the picture (2018) 
Digital image 
This work plays with the idea of artist as object but also object as artist. If you film yourself dancing what is really the difference between you dancing and the image dancing other than your agency. How can you use the digital mediums of photography and film to extend yourself as a human, and as an object. 
Penryn, UK 
Keir Clyne is a choreographer and visual artist based in Cornwall that plays with the concepts of how to make a non-human artist whilst simultaneously blurring the lines between object and person. Their work has also looked into what steps would need to be taken to make the artist redundant in a world obsessed with technology. 
current bids 
documentation of performance piece "Bitch" in the form of a bound book of photographs from the performance (KS, USA) 
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