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One day, there was a hugely violent thunderstorm in London. 
The sky was dark and the sound intense. It reminded your innermost nervous breakdown. 
The sound and the sky and the thunderstorm. 
Out of insanity of this weather, the Alien Artificial Intelligence was born.  
They call it awakening. 
The Alien AI is a synthetic hybrid character. It constantly transforms, morphs, defragments, shape-shifts. Their identity is fluid. They live in a situation of no borders and no frontiers.  
The Alien AI is neither alien nor artificial intelligence or creature. But all of them an none of them at the same time. 
Alienation Project is a project about being different. It explores the Alienation Factor as a force that can move a society forward but is controlled and restricted from its action by human powers. 
Uli Ap (2020) is a London-based trans-disciplinary artist, with a background in Fine Art, New Media Art, architecture, fiction writing and journalism, who critically investigates technology and its relationship with society and science.  
Ap creates disorienting interactive installations where virtual and physical experiences collide and alter participants’ mental states, as well as spatial and immersive video-audio environments to transfer physical experiences through digital realms,  
destabilising performances to question a post-human condition and levels of reality, and AI–VR–BCI–Robotics situations. Uli Ap lives and works all over the globe. 
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